Top 5 Trends In Social Media Marketing

August 6, 2019

To remain competitive, focus on branding and ranking to reach out to your customers, it's important to stay on top of search engine and social media marketing trends. You can always learn something new when it comes to Internet marketing if you take a look. Here are the top 5 social media marketing trends in 2019.

Did that you know that by the year 2020, which is less than two years away, experts are projecting that a whopping 80 percent of Internet traffic is going to be for videos? That might seem a little extreme at face value, but we're heading there folks. As a content writer, I know that I still have value in terms of my profession because the content must accompany the video.

The fact remains, however, that quality, professional videos are where it's at in 2019. When it comes to your efforts in relation to social media, the trends say that you need to be pursuing video marketing. To put it bluntly, the experts say that video content is eating social media.

As you stay up on trends regarding video marketing on social media, keep up with all the new features. Okay, that's enough about the first powerful trend. Now let's talk chat bots and CRM. What is CRM? You might have heard about this acronym in relation so software that businesses use to help with customer service.

CRM stands for customer relation management. It's all about relating to customers, but how are chat bots helpful? Chat bots weren't always the most helpful in their early stages, especially on regular sites. Yet social media is of course all about customer interaction. These bots are making a comeback, and it's making sense for businesses to use them in integrated fashion with social media accounts.

In terms of social media marketing trends, think mobile. Don't go in the direction of mobile. Think mobile first. Mobile traffic is where it's at, as it has surpassed desktop and laptop traffic. You have to think in terms of social media in relation to smartphones and tablets. Keep that in mind as one of the top 5 social media marketing trends of 2019.

What about paid content? It's completely fine to use paid content, and in many ways, it's encouraged. Businesses need a solid marketing plan. Yet as you pursue the best social media marketing strategies, you might want to take a closer look at this next trend. It's all about your social media content being paid yet personalized.

This trend has everything to do with resistance to ads. With changing algorithms, people are only seeing the ads that are more personal to them. Social media companies have made changes to ensure that happens in order to keep consumers happy. So it's not just a suggestion but a recommendation if you want to get the best experience when pursuing social media marketing to reach your customer base.

Chat bots were mentioned, and you also are going to want to think in terms of automation. Business owners are reporting that automation is helping them to increase conversion rates. More than that, it's helping them actually reach their audience in a way that they get their attention. Automation helps business owners handle social media accounts on a much grander scale.

There are all different kinds of automation tools out there. Some of them are for certain smaller tasks that can be handled without you having to do anything. Other tools help with much larger tasks. You're going to have to look at what's available. Perhaps your new objective now would be to know the trending social media marketing automation tools in 2018. See what other company owners are using to help automate the social media marketing experience.

You now know the top 5 trends for social media marketing in 2018. What steps can you see yourself taking as a business owner now? Where is there room for improvement? What are you itching to do right now after reading this piece? The work never ends, and now you have some leads. Improve your marketing efforts via social media, and watch your conversion rates improve as you interact better with your customer base.

Author Bio:

Kevin is a digital marketer and blogger who is expert in link building and other off page optimization techniques. He believes that blogger outreach is one of the best weapons to boost up your rankings.

He firmly suggests that link building is the only technique that can drive more organic traffic and every SEO experts should have link building on their checklist.

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